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Linux Distro OS-tan Wallpapers

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

An OS-tan is an anime character representing a particular OS. Here is one artists rendition of a dozen Linux distro OS-tan made for desktop background use, including Linux-tan. The sizes are up to 1600X1200. The Ubuntu-tan is amazing!

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IP Filter and FreeBSD

Monday, June 25th, 2007

IPF is a very robust firewall included in FreeBSD by default. This is a statefull firewall with logging capabilities that can also be used to NAT a local network in situations where the FreeBSD box is the router. The best way to get IPF working is to compile the kernel with support built in. Although the default kernel has support through the use of loadable modules, compiling the options into the kernel provide a more flexible and robust system.


Solaris Zones Part 1

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

So what is a zone?

A zone is analogous to a VMware machine but with some distinct advantages as well as some disadvantages. To start explaining zones let’s start by comparing it to VMware since most people are familiar with VMware. VMware is a software program that runs on a host operating system,. This could be Windows, Linux, or a custom kernel in the VMware ESX series. VMware provides a hardware abstraction layer which it uses to create mini virtual computers. The advantages of this setup are as follows: You can create a custom virtual computer designed for the operating system and application you want to run. This means that you have a very high level of customizability which allows you to tailor the virtual machine to provide the best performance for the program you want to run. VMware also supports ? many different operating systems. You could run VMware on a Linux box and then run Windows 2003 in one virtual machine, and a FreeBSD NFS server in another. From the point of view of the guest operating systems, they believe they are on standalone hardware and are unaware of the host OS and other guest OS’s which may be running.


ZFS filesystem on Solaris

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

Here is a flash video thanks to, which I think explains some of the features of zfs very well. This video should have you wanting more! I am working on a comprehensive tutorial about zfs which should cover this great file system in more detail.

Blog Migrated

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

I just upgraded the blog, It has been migrated from a 800mhz FreeBSD based system to a 2ghz Sun Solaris 10 based system with ZFS storage. The web server is also running in its own isolated container/zone. In migrating I have decided not to import all of the old articles, Instead? I will go through them and pick the best ones to include here.

Stay Tuned More to come!

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