MIT student arrested for fake bomb

An MIT student was arrested in Logan intl Airport for wearing a sweatshirt with a prototyping board on it and a 9 volt battery which lit up some led’s that said MIT course VI which is the numerical designation for computer and electrical engineering majors. The shirt which she has and has been wearing for a long time, was something that a class of students made as a project. The police surrounded her in the airport with automatic weapons and arrested her, then commented that she was lucky to be alive. As you can see from the link to the article below anyone who has half a brain can see that it is a piece of techno art. However I just wanted to post this to solicit your opinions about the fear of electronics in this country and the sad state of affairs. This is even worse considering that MIT is known for its research in embedded computers in clothing and the airport is right around the corner from MIT! Also she walked up to the airline desk and asked when a flight was coming in because she was picking up a friend. She did not even try to get through the security checkpoint.

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