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New Forums

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

We have added a new forums section to We hope these forums will become a big part of the site and allow all the users to participate, ask questions, and get answers. The link to the forums is along the left hand side of the page in the categories section. You can also go directly to the forums by going to

We are also looking for writers to post relevant articles such as the ones that have been posted by our 3 writers so far. If you are interested in writing for please send an email to  

Fixing the SKU01A.CAB and other office cab file issues

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Anyone who has used office 2003 has noticed that when switching domains or logging in as a new user Microsoft Office ask you to insert the cd to cache files needed to start. In some cases it asks for files from older office versions that have been upgraded, sometimes you don’t even have the original cd. To solve this problem you can make a simple change to the registry that tells office not to expect cached files off the installation cd. (more…)

An overview of CISCO IOS Security features as related to packet filtering.

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

 The Cisco IOS has many powerful security features that enable network engineers to protect their internal network. The Cisco IOS is capable of intrusion detection, deep packet inspection, and stateful firewall features. Setting up IPS allows the admin to push intrusion detection to the network edge. The Cisco IPS feature set can scan for spyware, viruses, worms, Trojans, and network intrusions by receiving updated signature files from Cisco. If a packet or series of packets matches a particular signature the router can, send an alert, drop the packet, or reset the connection of the offending user. In this way the network engineer can better protect the network by acting on suspicious packets before they can pose a risk to the network infrastructure, another advantage of pushing IPS duties to the network edge is it allows offending packets to be dropped before they take up finite network resources.  In large networks as much as 10 percent of network resources could be consumed by packets that ultimately will be dropped for security reasons deeper in the network. (more…)

Cisco WIC-1ADSL config for 1800 series router and ios 12.4

Monday, January 28th, 2008

This config is for the Cisco 1800 series router running IOS 12.4. IOS 12.4 has some command and syntax changes in reguards to interfaces and configuration commands for PPPOE. This config was submitted by my good friend Pedro Rivera.


Configuring WIC-1ADSL on Cisco 2600 with PPPOA and PPPOE

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Configuring a Cisco router to use the WIC-1ADSL card is one of the most commonly asked question by people in the Cisco forums. There are some interesting and compelling reasons to use a WIC card instead of connecting PPPOE through the ADSL modem in bridged mode. One of the most compelling reasons is the ability to use advanced QOS features such as interleaving and fragmentation. Because the DSL WIC card shows up as an ATM WAN interface, the router is able to perform those advanced Quality of Service features.  The overhead of encapsulating a packet in PPPOE and sending it to the modem over some length of cable is also a reason to use a WIC card instead of the modem.

It is important to realize that with most ISP’s you can configure the connection to use either PPPOA or PPPOE, the difference in configuration is very subtle however it can save you a couple of bits of overhead as PPPOE is encapsulated more time Than PPPOA.  So without further a due: (more…)

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