Working a lot!

I have been working a lot lately, we are in the proccess of designing a new data center with all the ifs ands and buts included in that ordeal. I am in the proccess of writing several write ups,

1 on “spanning tree”

1 on “load balancing spanning treeusing different trunks”

1 on BGP and some of the issues a major ecommerce site has to consider when implimenting it.

and I am considering writing an article on diffent IGP routing protocols. i am always looking for challenges and ways to make this site more interactive and perhapse to build a community around it. To that end I have setup a forum which is not really used. I would Like to also take requests for articles or solutions to problems.

if there is anything that you want to see an article on, or a configuration for any thing related to networking I can build a lab out and turn your requests into a full fledged article. I would encourage you to send an email to john at techinvasion dot net.

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