Blast From the Past –

Recently as a project cleaning up some old files and software, I came across a software disk for an old BBS I used to run. This got my interest peaked as I wondered if there were still BBS systems Alive and well on the internet. Information on BBS systems was few and far between in my research and it took me a while to make some headway. Eventually I came across  BBS software. This software is very similar to old school dos BBS’s. I installed the software which was no small feet given the inadequate build instructions. Once the system was built and installed I had allot of fun setting up classic door games such as Trade wars and others.

I also discovered that Dove-net and Fido-net are still alive and well, and there are a great many BBS’s connected all over the world. If the internet is a vast global city such as Coruscant (in Star Wars) then BBS’s and protocols such as telnet and gopher are its seedy underworld. An eclectic grouping of forgotten protocols running on forgotten systems, used by a hand full of lost souls who still cling to the web as it was. I had allot of fun setting up this BBS and I would like to use it in some way as a fun addition to part of my site.


In the spirit of the above and to old memories and a simpler if not better time I want to announce that telnet:// is open for business, with door games and all. Accounts are free, and I have even put up a forum for people to request firmware and various other things that they might need for a networking project. I hope everyone has as much fun using the system as I had creating it and I hope to see everyone in a session of Trade Wars.

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