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Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

I have been continuing to setup the bbs software on I have added irc, gopher, finger, and ident functionality. I encourage all of you to drop by and experience this neat software. The really neat thing about this BBS software is that it connects you to a world of forums and message boards that can only be accessed using BBS software. If you are running firefox I encourage you all to go to gopher:// This will let you view the forums and posts, although it doesn’t look the same as it does through a telnet session, it is still very interesting.

Blast From the Past –

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Recently as a project cleaning up some old files and software, I came across a software disk for an old BBS I used to run. This got my interest peaked as I wondered if there were still BBS systems Alive and well on the internet. Information on BBS systems was few and far between in my research and it took me a while to make some headway. Eventually I came across¬† BBS software. This software is very similar to old school dos BBS’s. I installed the software which was no small feet¬†given the inadequate build instructions. Once the system was built and installed I had allot of fun setting up classic door games such as Trade wars and others.


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